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Nelda Pealer

August 18, 1951 ~ March 24, 2018 (age 66)

My Cup Runneth Over

By Nelda Pealer and Dave

“Shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life.” Philippians 2:15

“The darkness is passing and the true light is already shining.”   1 John 2:8

“The mystery of why God gave me so much. I don’t know to that. But I do know the answer to the question of why God put the treasure that He gave me in a jar of clay. The Bible clearly states that this mystery is in a jar of clay so that the power of God shines through is from God and definitely not from me. But the mystery of why He has given me so much can only be explained through the great love He has for me.”

“I was born August 18, 1951. Born pretty lickity split in the Burlington, Iowa, hospital. I think mom and dad were pleased to have daughter number two after three boys. Even though there was one more boy to follow.”*

She was born to loving and caring parents, Antonie (Tony) and Margret (Spence) Nunnikhoven. At age four she developed diabetes and as she grew older she learned to cope with and manage her disease. Nelda attended Black Hawk Elementary, James Madison Junior High, and Burlington Community High School. She spent one year in Florida at Clearwater Christian College and one year at AIB in Des Moines.

She was raised in a Christian home where she was loved and cared for in an unselfish way. She saw in her parents their love and devotion to their Lord and Savior Jesus and accepted His saving grace at an early age.

“My family of “origin” was wonderful. Dad, was loving, kind, gentle, honest, with never a doubt that he loved his family. Mom, was right there with the discipline, but she also was a lot of fun and was “there for us”. We had a rich upbringing with these parents and also summers spent on Grandpa Spence’s farm near Madrid. It was a childhood that has long-past, never to return. Days of being given a sack lunch, turned loose with our friends, coming home for supper or spending afternoons at the swimming pool and playing outside until the street lights came on.”

“How fortunate I have been with my siblings, even though there were times I wasn’t so sure about that and I am sure they were not too excited by their little sister.”

In seventh grade she was in the same homeroom with a young man who, unknown to her, would become her future husband and lifelong partner. They began dating in high school and after a lengthy courtship she married her sweetheart David.

David was in the Navy when they married and resided in Norfolk, Virginia for about two years. After David was released from his active duty responsibilities, back to Iowa they moved. A job was needed and they heard about this place in Pella, Iowa that was growing and needed workers. So, up to Pella they moved, settled in, and raised their three children, Beth, Meg, and Andrew.

Nelda became interested in La Leche League and used her talents of caring for others to help young mothers to care for their children while taking care of a home.

Her theme in life was caring and sharing, but after a difficult pregnancy and birth of Andrew, she again devoted herself to caring for new son. But because of the diabetes and health issues her kidneys began to fail and she eventually went on Hemodialysis. Two years later she had a successful kidney and pancreas transplant. So once again her life turned to helping others as best she could. Serving her Lord and Savior Jesus and being with family and friends gave her great joy.

She did some writing to help and encourage others and put some memorable thoughts on paper.

“To those that I have loved, (and if I knew you, it’s pretty certain I have loved you, admittedly some more than others!)

“I get distracted by the things that are happening around me. But there is really only one thing I want out of life. That one thing is that those I have loved here in our world, will be sure that their hearts belong to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I don’t want precious souls condemned to an awful eternity in Hell. But even more, I want you to be in Heaven where I am (and He is) for all eternity. God cannot abide sin. Make sure that your sin is covered (as if it never happened) by the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus. I don’t want to lose you forever. Please, oh please, be sure you will be there.”

“Pastor Cal (a friend). Would you tell the wonderful story about Hosea and Gomer? The Lord gives us a picture of how much He loves us even when we were totally without worth. He loves us so much that He chose us, pursued us, purchase us and keeps us in spite of our waywardness.”

“John (her brother). How are we supposed to live our lives? We want the lives we touch to become shining stars while we wait for the darkness to pass and fully reveal the true light that is already shining.”

“Listen up, I know that you will read this, maybe share it with someone, because you care about me. But really it would be a whole lot better if you would read your Bible. It’s all in there and much, much more….. God already said this and He’s added so much more that you will not be able to get your fill of in a lifetime.”

She loved her grandchildren more than they will ever know. They were her joy and she hoped to see them grow up.

“My one desire is that you will meet me on the “other side.” I’ve prayed that you too will be there in the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ for all eternity.”

“Follow the path that leads to Him.”




*    All quotations by Nelda


Husband:  David Pealer, Pella

Children: Bethany and James Ballew, Joliet, Illinois

Margaret and Andrew McGhee, Otley

Andrew and Kelli Pealer, Pella

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